Technical SEO

The basis that good content is found

Technical SEO is not (just) the finishing touches at the end of a website relaunch, but an integral part of every phase of the project. It's the key to making sure your high-quality content gets found.

Our approach starts with the choice of architecture and content management system. We provide you with comprehensive advice and present you with various alternatives so that you can make an informed decision. Technical SEO also plays a crucial role in the design of the information architecture and the user interface design. And of course it is of central importance when the website is programmed. Because with good planning and implementation, extensive optimization before go live is no longer necessary.

We involve you in all our considerations and always take the content into account. The result is a website that meets the criteria of the search engines to a high degree and at the same time is optimally aligned with the goals set for it. With our approach we ensure that technical SEO is not just a task at the end of the project, but a continuous process that will lead your website to success.

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