Meta takes on the AI heavyweights

April 19, 2024

Now it's Meta. With LlaMa 3, the social media giant launches new versions of its language model and positions itself as a serious alternative to ChatGPT and Gemini. We did a first field test and were impressed by the results. Although the Meta chatbot is not yet available in Europe, Perplexity offers access to these language models via its Playground - a good way to get an impression for yourself.

Initial agony of choice

Choosing the right AI tools can be a complex undertaking, with different features, pricing models, and usage scenarios to consider. Our overview will help you evaluate vendors, products, and models.

Chatbot comparison.jpg

However, off-the-shelf products are not the only way to deploy speech models. More and more companies are taking the route of developing their own tool. This is usually a chatbot that uses one of the language models and can also access internal company data. LlaMa is now an additional option, especially since it is available as an open-source language model.

Social business cases

We are particularly excited to see Meta integrate LlaMa into their products as announced. We expect that WhatsApp, Instagram, and even the aging Facebook will produce a wealth of new marketing cases when AI is introduced. We will keep you posted.

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