PrivateGPT - the corporate chatbot


The chatbot keeps every piece of information to itself

Do you want to try out ChatGPT and be sure that your input does not train the ChatGPT language model? We have something for you: With our solution PrivateGPT, you get a private chatbot with which you can use the language model for yourself as you wish. The special thing about it: your input does not end up in ChatGPT's language model, it is not trained with your information.

What PrivateGPT offers in detail:

  • Chatbot with the look and feel of your brand
  • Linking of the chatbot to GPT or another language model, so that the chatbot can answer as well as ChatGPT
  • Language model configuration ensures that neither user input to the chatbot nor responses from the language model are used to train the public language model
  • Self-learning system that uses your input to give better answers
  • Standalone user management or integration with corporate user management

The benefits of PrivateGPT:

  • Increased efficiency in all tasks that can be done faster with the help of a language model
  • Building AI know-how among your employees
  • Securing the company's internal data

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