Process digitization - the app for professionals

Not only digital, but also audit-proof


  • 2016 - 2019


  • Construction


  • Technical conception
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Userflows
  • PHP
  • REST
  • JavaScript
  • Cordova


  • Digital products
  • Digital processes

When processes are digitized, they can almost always be streamlined on this occasion. The app for professionals performs tasks on its own that previously consisted of several manual work steps. Even more: it logs the process and makes it audit-proof. Faulty paper logs that can be challenged as proof of performance are thus a thing of the past.

The challenge

The machines on construction sites are highly modern, the processes often outdated. Even on large construction sites around the world, machines are manually operated by professionals. In this case, values were read from paper or PDF lists and re-entered into the machines. A process prone to errors, which can be contested in the event of damage. In addition, environmental values such as weather data and the services provided were logged on a piece of paper. Not a good way of documenting activities.

The solution

The new app not only replaces the paper for logging. After selecting the type of machine, it is able to provide the settings for the machine. To do this, it reads weather data from a weather app via an interface, which is relevant for the machine settings, and combines this with the machine parameters it knows. The professional is guided by the app during work on how to operate the machine. All steps are logged in the app, the log is uploaded at the end if there is an internet connection. If not, the app stores the data locally on the professional's device and uploads it later when a connection is available.

The Result

The workflows are simpler, faster, and less prone to errors, as the app takes over work steps independently. The training of professionals becomes easier, as they can focus on the craftsmanship and are guided by the app on what to do next. The companies receive digital logs of the work performed, which can be further processed digitally. The logs are audit-proof, so they can easily provide evidence in the event of damage that the work was carried out professionally.

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