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The Instagram app for crane operators


  • 2018 - 2020


  • Construction


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  • User Interface Design
  • Laravel


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  • Web app

The Instagram for crane operators provides spectacular photos taken from the high-altitude workplaces of Liebherr's clients. Liebherr cranes are located all over the world and the app is used to capture the breathtaking views from those cranes.

The Challenge

The B2B environment is often considered dry and devoid of emotions. It is commonly believed that purchasing decisions in this realm are solely based on facts. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that the human factor should be given more consideration even in B2B contexts. After all, the decision-makers are the same individuals who make brand choices in the B2C sphere, thereby simultaneously rejecting other brands. But how can we involve users of a product as brand ambassadors in the B2B space? How can we discuss a technically complex product without talking about technology?

The solution

Together with We Are Social we have created the Instagram for crane operators. At Tower Crane World, users see impressive photos of cranes or taken from them. They can view photos in their area or virtually visit construction sites around the world. If users take pictures themselves, they can upload them from their photo gallery or take them directly inside the app. Of course, they also find popular community functions to share, link and comment on photos. However, they don’t have to scroll through an endless stream, but only see photos related to their work.

The Result

The Tower Crane World has created a community of customers who emotionally amplify Liebherr's products through their photos, likes, and comments. Across the globe, they share their unique perspectives from their elevated workplaces, giving Liebherr a whole new perception of their cranes. Additionally, this generates visual content that Liebherr can utilize on their social media channels, offering unparalleled authenticity.

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