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Applying the Brand Identity consistently is crucial not only on your own website but also on the websites of your partners and retailers. It is essential for them to be instantly recognizable as part of your brand. One simple solution is through automatically generated partner pages. Partners can maintain their data in a partner tool, and the website will display them in the brand's look and feel.

The challenge

The website of the car manufacturer has a fresh new look, the new CI is perfectly implemented. The dealers’ sites, on the other hand, still use the old design, the old design with modifications, or even a completely different design of their own. Not to mention the structure of the websites. Apart from the logo, there is nothing to recognize the manufacturer’s brand.

The solution

Websites that belong to your own brand are not handed over. Instead of leaving it up to the dealers to create and maintain their own websites, the pages are automatically generated. This not only saves effort but also ensures consistent application of your brand's visual identity, as well as providing a unified structure for the dealer pages that users can immediately navigate.

To make this work, we have defined and implemented the following process:

  • Dealers maintain their data in a separate portal.
  • The dealer websites are populated from this portal.
  • Dealers keep their vehicle inventory up to date on a large public portal for used cars.
  • The websites also retrieve this data and display the used car market in the brand's look and feel.
  • Additional content for the dealer pages is either centrally maintained to be identical across all dealer pages or customized on an individual dealer basis.

The Result

The website of the automotive manufacturer and that of its dealers present a unified image. The effort involved in website maintenance for dealers has been reduced significantly, as they only need to keep their data up to date and not worry about anything else. There is no effort required for displaying the vehicle market, as the data is fully imported from a vehicle portal.

Users can easily navigate all the pages since the structure remains consistent throughout. Most importantly, they use the same customer contact points on the dealer pages as on the manufacturer's website. This results in more leads flowing into the lead management system.

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