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In the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry, manufacturers are striving to stay ahead of the competition by fully leveraging their digital potential. Our client has a broad portfolio of forward-looking production and concept vehicles and always keeps on top of current trends and developments in the industry. This visionary mindset and focus on current technologies needed to be conveyed in a coherent look and feel as part of a digital customer magazine. This newly designed platform transcends the boundaries of a traditional magazine, stirs emotions and serves as a dynamic center for discussions about new models and innovative concept vehicles. How did we define the brand's online magazine from the ground up?

A picture speaks louder than words, and sometimes, it tells an entire story

In the world of digital storytelling, visual identity is paramount. This philosophy is at the heart of our newly designed online magazine. To truly capture and convey its essence, we've dedicated expansive space to elegantly crafted images and spellbinding videos. But the magazine is more than just a feast for the eyes. Beyond its undeniable visual allure, it stands as the brand's premier platform, a stage where new models and pioneering concept vehicles are unveiled. For car enthusiasts and aficionados, the magazine is a treasure trove, offering them a chance to delve deep into meticulously crafted articles. Here, they can journey through the inception, design, and realization of these state-of-the-art vehicles, gaining a profound understanding of the passion and innovation driving the brand forward.

Engagement beyond the page

In the realm of digital publishing, this online customer magazine offers far more than just consumable content. Beyond traditional articles, it's brimming with interactive elements that vividly portray the brand's deep connection with its customers. From sweepstakes to a mini car configurator, the online magazine continually offers users opportunities to engage with the brand directly, even empowering them to produce content that may find its way into the automaker's campaigns.

In doing so, this digital customer magazine showcases its unique strengths over the classic print magazine, which formerly was only available as a PDF. This digital evolution heralds a more immersive and participatory experience for its audience, emphasizing the brand's commitment to fostering a dynamic, two-way relationship.

Here to make a lasting impression

Following the launch of the online magazine, it swiftly became evident that the journey embarked upon was set to continue. With fresh editions and consistently updated information, customers are drawn back to the site, ensuring the brand remains front and center in their minds.

The automaker harnesses the myriad of digital formats available on the platform, seizing every opportunity to maintain an enduring dialogue with its valued customers. This commitment to continuous engagement underscores the brand's dedication to its audience and its forward-thinking approach in the digital age.

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