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Making the economy more social, just, and sustainable is the core mission of Flip. Using the tool of critical journalism, the startup aims to put an end to greenwashing. They provide consumers with facts and knowledge so they can navigate today's markets and identify truly sustainable products and players. While Flip quickly established itself as a reliable source in the field of investigative journalism, they faced technical challenges with their website. With our technical expertise, we were able to solve these and create a better version of the website, allowing Flip to fully focus on its content work again.

The Challenge

A website as an online presence of a company must run smoothly and offer users an optimal experience, regardless of the company's purpose. With the successes of their research, the technical problems of the website grew, especially the availability. When the sneaker hunt was ubiquitous in the media, the website groaned under the load of high traffic numbers.

But not only was the speed in need of improvement. The valuable content of the website was not as easily accessible to users as its quality deserved. And full access to it, which runs through a registration process and is crucial for the business strategy, did not deserve the label user-friendly.

Last but not least, it was clear that the editorial process needed to be improved to reduce the efforts in content creation and to be able to put even more focus on the substantive work.

The Solution

By moving the website to another hosting provider, we were able to solve the issues of server performance, loading times, and general accessibility. The better scalability of the new hosting ensures that the website loads quickly even during peak times and that users can navigate without waiting times. Of course, we also technically optimized the site so that it achieves higher values in the Google metrics and thus ranks better.

To further improve the user experience, we focused on three topics:

  1. The registration takes place where it is needed. Users can log in or register on the site without losing context.
  2. The homepage shows users what to expect on the site. The new structure makes valuable content more directly accessible.
  3. Various teasers allow for the weighting of topics. This makes it immediately clear whether it is a focus topic, a "normal" article, or a post that has aroused greater interest.

From an editorial point of view, the further development of the structure was crucial to streamline the publication process. The new templates and elements not only simplify the process for the editors but also ensure a higher consistency of the articles.

The Result

The elimination of technical obstacles and the advancement of usability, both for the website users and for the editorial team, has brought the Flip team closer to their goals. They can focus on their journalistic strengths, attract new readers with their content, and get closer to their goal of creating a better economy for all of us.

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