Keynotes, Training, and Workshops on generative AI

Generative AI is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage. Those using tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and other AI tools are already experiencing efficiency and quality gains. But how do you practically get started? What are the best use cases for your company? What strategic questions must be answered to avoid falling behind? We'll work together to find the answers to these questions with our AI keynotes and workshops.

Explore and implement the potential of generative AI for the value chain together.

Keynote: Generative AI in the Value Chain

Keynote: Generative AI in the Value Chain

Our keynote provides exciting insights and practical examples of how generative AI is transforming value chains in businesses. Discover possibilities to become more efficient and creative. This keynote offers:

  • Key concepts of generative AI 
  • Inspiring use cases 
  • The latest developments 
  • Customized content for your AI agenda

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