Generative AI - Generative AI Introductory Workshop

New value creation models with Generative AI

The world is being transformed by Generative AI. It can take over all time-consuming, non-creative tasks. But how does that impact your work? Our workshop will inform you and prepare you for the upcoming changes by addressing these questions:

  • What is Generative AI and what significance does it have for your company? 
  • How can efficiency gains be achieved quickly and easily with Generative AI? 
  • Is an adjustment of your business model necessary or can it withstand the expected competition?

After completing the workshop, you will have a clear understanding of Generative AI and know how to apply it practically in your company. You will gain the necessary knowledge to secure a significant competitive advantage and not only survive the coming disruption, but emerge as a winner.

Who should participate

The workshop is suitable for:

  • Managers who want to future-proof their company
  • Innovators who are responsible for the development of new business models and business areas
  • Employees who want to get a deeper insight into the opportunities of using Generative AI

The takeaways

After the workshop, participants will know:

  • How Generative AI relates to your work
  • The tasks Generative AI can undertake in your company
  • The next steps to effectively utilize Generative AI for profitability


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