Thoughts on Workation

September 23, 2021

It's in our DNA that everyone can work whenever and wherever they want. That's why workation fits seamlessly into our corporate culture. However, that doesn't stop me from asking a few questions about it.

I've been calling my workation experience the "boat office." I head to Kiel on my boat, starting the day with a quick swim after a cup of coffee, and then I settle into a regular workday. In the evenings, I have time to enjoy the beach, and the sea, or take a short excursion on the water. For me, this style of workation has been a successful approach for years. At SnipClip, we embrace the flexibility for all our employees to work from any location they happen to be in.

Is the topic through? Not quite. I am aware of these three critical points:

  • Using a chart table (specifically designed for nautical charts) is certainly not the most ergonomic workspace one can imagine. While it may work well for a few days, prolonged use could have a negative impact on one's health. Therefore, it is important for everyone to take care and ensure that the work environment, even if it doesn't meet conventional office standards, is suitable for their needs. If that's not possible, one can switch workplaces multiple times, for example, by walking during meetings.
  • The background noise of seagulls during a client meeting might be tolerable, but if the neighbor starts their engine, I quickly mute myself. Especially in an unfamiliar environment, there can be unpleasant surprises that hinder communication. It's helpful to assess the surroundings before scheduled meetings. Even if no specific appointment is looming, excessive distractions should be minimized. If productivity suffers, I put pressure on myself to meet the workload regardless. This leads to long workdays, negating the advantages of the surroundings.
  • What about a real vacation? Can I truly unwind if I bring my work to my holiday destination? For me, it works perfectly because I stay fully occupied from morning to evening when I'm out sailing. There's simply no time to think about work-related projects. Everyone needs to figure out their own boundaries and decide where to draw the line. Personally, I believe it's essential to have a genuine vacation where work takes a backseat.

Another aspect that I find interesting is team workation. However, I still need to ponder on that topic before forming my thoughts.

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