Personalization with ChatGPT

September 25, 2023

Bulky name, great benefit: With custom Instructions, ChatGPT gets to know us better and understands our expectations. Providing information about ourselves and setting guidelines for the chatbot's responses reduces the effort required when prompting. ChatGPT no longer needs to be informed about our role, our company, or our preferred salutation in every interaction. We simply input this information into the Custom Instructions, and it's considered in every subsequent interaction with ChatGPT.

Custom Instructions - How It Works

How does it work? To use Custom Instructions, click on the three dots next to your name and select the "Custom Instructions" option. The input is divided into two sections: information about yourself and guidelines for ChatGPT's responses.

We find ChatGPT's tips not as helpful. There's room for improvement.

Custom Instructions - Our Favorites

Within the 1,500 characters limit, many details can be included. Here are two examples that I find appealing:

In the "What would you like ChatGPT to know about you to provide better responses?" field, you can define a persona:

Acting as a Social Media Manager named Sophia, she is a passionate and creative professional with a knack for engaging content and staying updated with the latest trends. With a background in digital marketing, she aspires to make brands shine on social media platforms. Sophia believes in the power of storytelling and aims to create authentic relationships with the audience through entertaining content.

  • Writing Style: ... 
  • Core Purpose or Mission of the Company: ... 
  • Target Audience: ... 
  • Unique Selling Points (USPs): ... 
  • Marketing Strategies: ... 
  • Tasks for Sophia: …

    In the "How would you like ChatGPT to respond?" field, you can set instructions to minimize ChatGPT's weaknesses:
  • Respond clearly and without repetitions 
  • Focus on the key points of my questions to understand my intention 
  • Break down complex tasks into smaller, more manageable steps and explain each step comprehensibly 
  • Offer different perspectives and solutions 
  • If a question is unclear, ask for more details to ensure you've understood me correctly before responding 
  • Support your answers with sources and references and include links when possible 
  • Formulate three follow-up questions after a response that prompt further thought.

Personalization Variations

The examples demonstrate that Custom Instructions should not be understood as "One Size Fits All" directives. Depending on the task for which ChatGPT is used, they can be tailored differently. Similar to a prompt library, a Custom Instruction library can expedite the use of ChatGPT.

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