Luckdown – Digitalisation makes the difference

August 7, 2020

We value a solution-oriented approach in every situation. Therefore, we experienced the shutdown as a "luckdown," a challenging situation that presents many opportunities.

The year 2020 turned everything upside down and made clear that even the smallest causes can have a maximum effect – yes, it can be compared to a butterfly effect though such a comparison would go a little bit too much into detail.  What is clear is that the little things, an almost invisible virus that started in Wuhan, have shaken the world.

The situation with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has been very challenging for each one of us so far. The pandemic not only has a huge impact on our health, but its effects reach from economy and education systems to the way we behave and in general our everyday life. Preventive measures such as curfews, contact bans, and social distancing still pose a challenge for both private and working life.

  • We don’t go to the office as usual
  • We no longer have meetings on site
  • We no longer meet our colleagues and friends
  • We cannot continue improving our kicker skills

When we look at this and much more, it turns out quickly, that especially in times of crisis, one notices how well we are doing, and many issues become kind of a “luxury problem”. In the end, having a healthy foundation is what is most important, and health is such an appreciated asset.

In our everyday life, we give such importance to solution-oriented approaches. Problems exist to be solved. So, there are all sorts of new aspects and things that can be discovered in a time of crisis if the focus is kept on the positive. If we focus more on productive solutions and remain open to new opportunities.

The importance of a digital mindset

Isolation has clearly shown us how important it is to look outside of the box. Thanks to advancing digitalization, there are many ways to find new approaches.

At SnipClip we have worked for many years with a digital tool and mindset and a mix of being-at-the-office and home-office scenarios. We could adapt quickly our well-established processes into a complete “living room scenario” as well as an exclusively virtual collaboration.

A new drive for distance learning

The importance of digitalization has also been effectively demonstrated in the private sphere – for example, the parents among us also found themselves having to turn the new office into a school room and a childcare room.

It turned out, that among other things, digitalization was underestimated in the school sector. One advantage of this crisis is that it has provided the still rather unknown sector of distance learning with a new drive when it comes to media literacy within students and bringing digitalization into schools.

The crucial role of cloud computing

Another aspect that we have become aware of in the context of isolation is the importance of cloud computing as an important part of the digital structure. The cloud not only provides access to a vast collection of applications and tools for any purpose, but it offers many reliable and scalable solutions that can grow quickly and adapt to new requirements at any time. An internet connection is all you need to be able to work from home.

These solutions do not only benefit large companies or the economy in general, but they also reveal the big potential in the field of education. Furthermore, they not only constitute a profit for employees but also for clients as their projects continue smoothly thanks to preset and stable workflows.

Communication is the key to success

On a technical level, there are numerous possibilities to adapt workflows to this new way of life. The challenge remains in making this distance collaboration work on an interpersonal level.

As is usually the case when it comes to interpersonal interaction, communication is the key to success. Within the framework of a regular daily routine, telephone and video conferences can ensure proximity and a good flow of information despite the distance. There are also many messenger services that offer very good solutions, so nothing stands in the way of a virtual team. The number of possibilities and tools available is as diverse as communication itself, enabling collaboration in almost any situation.

A better work-life balance

There are positive aspects that come along with working from home. While in the past, we would sometimes take some work to continue at home, now we find ourselves clearly separating our work life from our private and free time better than before. We also save time by not going to the office and not having to commute. That time can now be invested in other activities or sports. We also observe an increase in productivity as we are perhaps able to focus for a longer time without “the daily office interruptions”.

Supportive social systems

We also learned more about our fellow human beings. We are able, hopefully, to pay more attention to others and be supportive of them. An example of this is all the groups that emerged, locally or regionally, to support others. Perhaps aspects that were out of focus are there again to be revised and improved.

Finding the hidden opportunities

All in all, it is a matter of personal perspective and attitude on how we perceive the situation. Many other positive aspects arise with the willingness to adapt to new circumstances and to find new solutions. We have been reminded that not everything can be taken for granted, leading us to a new appreciation of life. Even though the Corona pandemic has taken our lives under control, it is in our hands to make the best out of the situation and to focus on the positive aspects because there are opportunities hidden in any crisis.

The SnipClip Team wishes you all the best. Stay safe and healthy!

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