Figure 01: ChatGPT is on the move

March 22, 2024

We often think of robots as either smart boxes that can talk or clever machines that move. But what if a robot could be both? Figure 01 is the latest example of how the lines between physical interaction and intelligent communication are blurring. Developed by robotics startup Figure in collaboration with OpenAI, Figure 01 is essentially a ChatGPT on legs-a walking language model that not only understands the world around it, but can physically interact with it.

Artificial intelligence in motion

This robot, which can converse, reason, and interact with objects, is a far cry from its predecessors. Its development team has managed to build a technological bridge between artificial intelligence and mechanical autonomy. The technology behind Figure 01 combines OpenAI's vision language model with proprietary software that enables the robot to respond to its environment and act autonomously. These capabilities make it a versatile helper, from industrial manufacturing - even in hazardous environments - to performing fine motor tasks.

Companies such as BMW have already recognized Figure 01's potential to perform repetitive and high-risk tasks previously reserved for humans and are considering its use. By comparison, Tesla's humanoid competitor, Optimus, is still in its infancy, relying heavily on human control.

The introduction of Figure 01 heralds a new era in which robots like it bridge the gap between AI-based communication and physical interaction. The vision of a robot that not only understands and speaks, but also acts and interacts, has become a reality with Figure 01. With every step it takes, it brings us closer to a future where humans and machines work side by side and together. ChatGPT has not only learned to talk, it can now walk thanks to Figure 01.

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