ChatGPT and Co for law firms: Hackathon with SKW Schwarz

June 28, 2023

ChatGPT, Bard, Midjourney: in recent months, the topic of artificial intelligence has been omnipresent in the media and in everyday conversations. The hype is huge, the possibilities seem endless. But just how much of the buzz around AI can really be taken at face value? What are the use cases for individual industries that could already save time and money with the help of GPT and other generative AI tools? Together with our friends at the Munich law firm SKW Schwarz, we had the opportunity recently to explore these questions in detail during a hackathon.
Of course, the legal tech industry has already recognized the potential of recent AI advances. Several high-profile players that already offer GPT integrations or even use the large language model at the core of their product have been causing a stir in the legal tech scene for several months at this point. Apps such as Harvey, CoCounsel, Henchman and co offer lawyers valuable AI support, for instance in evaluating and summarizing legal documents or in drafting new contracts on the basis of internal data. As one of the most important law firms with a digital focus in Germany, SKW Schwarz wants to take advantage of the possibilities of generative AI at an early stage. For this purpose, we presented exciting practical examples in a short presentation and collected potential use cases for the law firm in an inspiring brainstorming session. We carried on into practice: In small groups, we worked out one idea in more detail in close consultation with our project management and UX experts. Based on the valuable input from the SKW Schwarz attorneys, we were able to develop first prototypes that demonstrate use cases specifically tailored to the law firm on the big screen.
Undoubtedly, the technology can unlock huge potential for law firms. Our CEO Cordula presented an initial overview over the technology, assessments of use cases in various industries, and practical tips for end users in SKW's Innovative Natives podcast:

Our prototypes offered a first glimpse into digital, AI-powered legal work. But it's not just the legal industry that will face disruption in the near future. If you'd like to learn how you can harness the power of artificial intelligence for your business, don't hesitate to contact us - as a digital agency that has been integrating AI into its work since day one, we're happy to offer advice and support.

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