ChatGPT also shines on the surface

June 28, 2024

This time, it's not a new language model. This time, it's the chatbot that's taking a big step. It is now available as a desktop application for all Mac users. This completes the family of web, mobile, and desktop apps - at least on the Mac. Windows users will have to wait.

The desktop app has all the web app features, including answering questions, interacting with files, and transcribing handwritten notes. But it can do more:

  • Interact with ChatGPT via voice input - also available in the mobile app
  • Search hats - also available in the mobile app and sorely missed in the web app
  • Take screenshots and interact with anything other apps show
  • Launch it with a shortcut so it sits on top of the application you are currently using, just like the search function

The minimum requirement is MacOS 14+ and an M1 chip. Unlike Apple Intelligence, which was announced for the fall, Europe will not be left out.

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