10 steps to cultivate a digital mindset

September 22, 2020

Our world is becoming more digital and everyone has to adapt to it. Technical transformation is one aspect of it, but a company needs to fully embrace a digital mindset in order to turn it into a success story. 

As the digital world is ever-evolving, we too have to adapt to the changes. Upgrading your working gear to support the latest technologies is one way. But cultivating your mind to the digital age is where the secret lies.  

When the race towards a digital future started, many businesses ignored the digital calling. After all, their core business was something they defined as concrete and surely not digital like a tech company – or so they thought. As digitalization made its way into all aspects of life, it showed the world its perks and was even promoted as the secret ingredient to success. Businesses started looking for ways to achieve a digital transformation to improve their processes and drive their organizations towards higher productivity and better outcomes.  

A human with a digital mindset, not a device

Unfortunately, the key variable that is usually disregarded in the digital equation is the people. It’s not enough to use the latest tech tools on the market. The mindset of the company as a whole has to go through a digital shift for digitalization to succeed. Embracing a digital culture is as important as adopting the latest technologies. 

At SnipClip,  we’ve been doing this for a long time and have learned a lot along the way. We pride ourselves in our digital identity and constantly check ourselves and our progress along the digital path. The digital world is constantly changing, and it’s certainly not waiting for anyone to catch up. We know that first-hand so we made it our mission to help other businesses change into becoming digital-first. As much as we would like to guide our clients through every step, the digital mindset transformation is something that has to come from within. It’s a cultural shift that has to involve all parties of the organization. 

Here are a few points that illustrate our digital mindset in the hope that it helps you find yours:

  • We adapt fast. Whether it’s a new work environment or new project requirements, we learned to adapt fast and not let any setback affect our outcomes. 
  • We are always open to new digital tools and apps that improve our workflow and simplify our processes. What matters is not what we use, but how we use it to deliver the best results.
  • We are always learning. In this age of knowledge, we can’t afford to keep doing things the same way. We know that there’s always more to learn and we actively seek it to better ourselves and our services.
  • We have a flat structure – we have no time for hierarchy. We believe that the lack of digital and/or physical barriers to working with our colleagues is key to efficiency – regardless of their job title.  
  • We’re not bound to physical space – the office is where you want it to be, whether it be your home or the more traditional office space (especially for the days when access to the fancy coffee machine is needed).
  • We are one connected team. Our team is made up of people working at different places (and sometimes different time zones) that are united through the digital communication channels and tools we use to run our projects.
  • External communication is also digital. We know that physical meetings are not the only option. Many of our client meetings consist of screen-sharing calls to communicate project progress.
  • We work together with our clients as one team. We use digital tools to drive communication and progress forward. We bring our skills to the table and ensure the project is more customer-centric.
  • If it can be digital, then we make it digital. Everyday communication, project management, appointments, administrative tasks … you name it, it’s digital! The added bonus is that it ensures a top-notch organization that makes our work easier. 
  • We keep a flexible work schedule – early birds and night owls friendly. We know that what matters is the progress and results of the project. Stepping away from the traditional rigid work environment allows us to focus on the tasks at hand and perform our best, which might mean the middle of the night for some. Of course, deadlines are always respected.    

You might not define the digital mindset the same way we do, but what matters is that you make it your own and ensure that it works for you and your organization. So give yourself time to find and develop it. After all, we’re all constantly learning and growing in this digital world. 

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